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Calendar Magic V19.1 Now Available

Enhancements and improvements in V19.1 are listed below.

My sincere thanks to Wai Hu who has made an enormous contribution to this release.

Time Zones and DST
Updated the time zone and DST information for the island of Cyprus. Northern locations under Turkish control are in the UTC + 3 time zone and do not use DST. The remainder of the island is in the UTC + 2 time zone but does use DST. Note that, in order to distinguish between locations in the northern Turkish controlled area and those in the southern area, the letters "NC" have been appended to locations in North Cyprus and "SC" to those in South Cyprus.

Corrected the DST rules for various Mexican cities and towns. All cities and towns in Baja California follow the DST start and end dates for the USA, as do Ensenada, La Paz and Tecate. In addition, Wai Hui identified a few other Mexican locations requiring Time Zone and/or DST updates.

Wai Hui also cast his eagle eye over the Time Zone and DST information for Canada, Russia and the USA, leading to a substantial number of corrections - an extremely impressive piece of work by one user for the benefit of others. Wai then turned his attention to research stations in Antarctica, leading again to a number of updates. Users should be aware, however, that it is far from easy to obtain definitive information about the Time Zones used by different research stations. Sources on the Web often provide contradictory information and it is difficult to identify an authoritative, up-to-date reference source.

Corrected the DST rules for Brazil. Normally DST ends on the third Sunday in February but, when Carnival Sunday (2 days prior to Mardi Gras) falls on that date, the end of DST is delayed by 1 week. This happens next in 2023, 2026, 2034, 2037 and 2039.

Corrected the DST rules for Morocco. It appears that DST is suspended during and around the month of Ramadan. For more details, see My thanks again to Wai Hui for drawing this to my attention.

Some further Time Zone and DST updates and corrections were also carried out for Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Northern Ireland, the Pitcairn Islands and St Pierre and Miquelon.

Equation Solver
Added the solution of quintic (degree 5) polynomial equations. The Enter Key may now also be used as an alternative to clicking the Solve button.

Unit Converter
Some unit names using diacritic marks were causing problems for users with Asian Windows system locales. When this is detected, a switch to alternative unit names is now made "below the surface".

Observed Days
Added Earth Day and the 2017 date for Ada Lovelace Day to Observed Days under the category "various".