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Hi. I have tried your program. Congratulations, it's fantastic.

R M, Spain

Calendar Magic is one of my all-time favorite PC software programs, and I have been using it for more than ten years. I have always been interested in learning about calendars of different cultures, and I find it awesome that Calendar Magic can now do conversions between more than 20 calendar systems.

W H, Hong Kong

Firstly, I absolutely love the Calendar Magic program. It has helped me so very much along the way. Thank you for creating it. It is a godsend.


Brilliant software.

J B, Wales

Thank you very much for the effort you have expended. If only some of the bigger companies would give this sort of service.


Il Programma “Calendar Magic” stupendo semplice veloce ed intuitivo. Bravissimi.

P C, Italy

Since I discovered Calendar Magic at Softpedia it is among my favourite tools and is one of the first programs I install on freshly installed Windows. I like its clean and tidy interface and its nicely organized rich set of tools - I have never seen such an abundance of calendar and time-related utilities in any other calendar program. I congratulate you for your excellent work and would like to thank you for releasing Calendar Magic as freeware!

A A, Bulgaria

What an astonishing program. It puts together so much and works so quickly.

R M, Australia

Just downloaded and love this program.


Many thanks for your very swift and helpful reply. As mentioned earlier, I use Calendar Magic every day and find it a most useful aid - I would be lost without it.


Thank you for the wonderful software that has been developed. Our temple and all of our congregates use this Calendar Magic software to convert the Indian (Lunar) Calendar to the American Calendar and vice versa. All of our scripture dates are based on the Indian Calendar, which is based on the lunar calendar. One of our members has downloaded many of these types of software, this is the only one that matches perfectly to our Indian Calendar.


I love the program! So much packed into such a lightweight piece of software. Thanks for such creativity. Great to have the wonderful Scottish holidays especially.


Thanks for releasing Waffle Magic. I used this program to create my resumé and cover letter. I quickly received a 6-figure job offer from the government.


This app boldly goes where no calendar program has gone before. review

The program is awesome, the best in calendaring.


Your tool Calendar Magic is really a wonderful piece of work.

B L C, India

I continue to admire Calendar Magic. It is not only very useful but also correct. You can't say that about a lot of programs. Thank you!


I have used ‘Calendar Magic’ for a few years, and have found it to be an excellent product, and one that seems to go from strength to strength. Thank you for a wonderful application.


Calendar Magic is a free, great application that contains pretty much everything you need to organize your schedule, set up alarms, view and compare multiple calendar systems plus a wide range of additional tools that will make your life a lot easier.

FileCluster review

Again, thanks for this wonderful program.


Very easy to use and highly informative, this useful piece of software can easily become a great tool for any kind of user.

Softoxi review

I use your Calendar Magic freeware to calculate future sci-fi dates (for example what day is 23-JAN-2371) for my stories. Great tool - thanks a million and Godspeed.


The Swiss army knife of calendar software.

CNET review

I've just downloaded and installed Calendar Magic V17.8 and it has already become an indispensable tool.

R F, New Zealand

I have been an avid user of the Su Doku Assistant (along with the amazing Calendar Magic) for some years. Thanks for two wonderful and useful programs.


My compliments for your software - Calendar Magic. It's probably the best calendrical software I've ever seen, without a doubt. Congratulations.

R M F, Portugal

It is a really wonderful program.


Calendar Magic from EuroSoft is the best program we've seen for applying computing power to datekeeping. It can display virtually any calendar system known to science or history. How many calendar programs offer the French Revolutionary calendar; four Hindu calendars; two Balinese calendars; and Julian, Coptic, Hebrew, Yoruba, Ethiopian, Chinese, Baha'i, Bangla, and many other systems? Or can display Christian, Islamic, Jewish, and other holidays, feast days, and significant dates for any year in any calendar system? And save notes, post reminders, and offer 26 extra utilities that do everything from calculate fuel consumption to recurring decimals to biorhythms? Did we mention it's free?

CNET editors' 5-star review

I am very grateful for your immediate answer. My compliments to your service - I have never before been answered in such a short time by any company.

J G, Germany

Hidden gem and worth keeping.

SnapFiles review

The number of time related calculations one can perform with this software is amazing.

SnapFiles review

Thank you for this wonderful program. You are truly citizens of the world in the most unifying and loving sense.


This program is full of amazing information. It gives insight into the way man has kept track of time and seasons over the ages, and provides a great deal of up-to-date time, date and astronomical data to boot.

CNET review

I too love this program.


I have used Calendar Magic through all its iterations for as long as it has existed and it is both brilliant and intuitive. Thanks and congratulations for a wonderful program.

R McD, Australia

In a class of its own. Intriguing.


You could pay a lot of $ and end up with many applications to get what this application provides. Simply brilliant. review

Here's a cool program that allows you to determine virtually any date information you could ever possibly want to know.


Fantastic tool. Comprehensive list of world calendars. One-stop shop.

CNET review

I find this software extremely useful as a diabetic. Thank you for helping me control my diabetes with better record keeping. It is very easy to use and has a lot of useful features.

CNET review

Calendar Magic is an excellent application. It’s rare when an application will actually bring a smile to one’s face. Your application did just that in the first 5 minutes after installation!

Your program is a keeper and I’m going to use it on my home machine also! Thanks!


Calendar Magic is one of my most treasured applications. As they say, dynamite comes in small packages.

D J K, South Africa

I like your Calendar Magic very much. It's jammed with very useful features and utilities, and what's important, it's quite intuitive.


Thanks for Calendar Magic. It's a wonderful program, far better than anything else.


Delightful product... thank you.


User friendly and packed with useful data.

CNET review

It's a magical tool.

F E, Belgium

I am amazed at Calendar Magic's completeness and ease of use. Congratulations.


Complimenti per Calendar Magic magnifico!!!

G L, Italy

Astounding resource. Runs better than stuff I've paid for.

CNET review

I just downloaded your program Calendar Magic. I think it is wonderful.


Simple to install, simple to use and understand, and the 'help-file' really does help you to understand all the 'extras'.

CNET review

It is really heartening to know that there are persons like you who not only spend their time and energy to develop such useful programs free of cost but also give guidance so promptly to people who need assistance.

K V P, India

I recently downloaded and installed your Calendar Magic and you are right – it is indeed Magic! The utilities, in particular, are useful and comprehensive.

P H P, South Africa

Thanks again for such a marvellous utility.

P C, Australia

Just a quick note to say that Calendar Magic 17 is a fantastic bit of software.

M T E, Australia

The best calendar and conversion tool out there and it's free. review

It really is an awesome little program that is worth a ten!

Beta News review

Wow, just tried this for the first time and it kicks ass. LOL! I have no idea what genre of software it fits into but it is definitely on my list of must-haves.

Beta News review

You truly rock! Nothing much else to say, man. It's just cool that some developers actually listen.


Can't believe stuff like this is free, just amazing and if you don't like the colour scheme it can be changed.

Beta News review

This program is a waste of my time but what a splendid way to waste time. Great fun and I cannot believe it is free.

Beta News review

Just wanted to say I found out about your program through a blind friend of mine and it's fantastic. I am blind as well and use a screen reader to navigate the web and everything else.

Thank you again for such a nice program that is mostly accessible to us, though I am sure you didn't know your program would end up that way.


Thanks for a great program.

H S, Norway

I was at my wit's end looking for a personal calendar program which would work with my speech access technology. I would have been quite happy to find a very basic free calendar/reminder package. Yours is absolutely astounding being both rich in features and totally accessible to me. I very much appreciate your making this software available to anyone for free. I'm working on a sort of guide for blind owners of personal computers. I'd like to use Calendar Magic as an example of why blind people should take the time to look for freeware and shareware to suit their needs, rather than being limited to what access technology companies choose to make accessible. Even novices shouldn't have much difficulty with it and the blind community could certainly use this software to good advantage.

M F, Canada

Wonderful program, as always from you. Thanks!

B S, Sweden

Loved the ease of use of this software. I was able to place the software on multiple computers and teach my non-technical husband how to set reminders for himself, set an alarm and jot down quick notes. After searching high and low for simple software, I found it here with Calendar Magic. THANKS!

CNET review

A fascinating and useful program.


You continue to impress me with your responsiveness and continual improvements to your code. Thanks for this excellent program!


Your Calendar Magic program is absolutely awesome! I'm sure there's not a program in sight that comes close to its versatility for what it does.

D E, New Zealand

I often think of you with gratitude, when I use Calendar Magic. It is versatile, quick and reliable.

K N, Denmark

I love your calendar program. Thanks for making it available. You might want to consider making it donationware, with a link to Paypal. I'd be happy to reward you for this excellent software.


I hereby certify this app geek-a-rific.


A useful and well crafted piece of software.


Your Calendar Magic program is simply GREAT!

A M, Spain

Heartiest congratulations on your highly useful FREE software.

S S, India

I have just installed Calendar Magic. I found it on and want you to know I REALLY LIKE IT! It has so many functions and there are so many interesting things to learn! I know I will enjoy using it.


I mentioned Calendar Magic the other day, but it's so damn good here I go again.

It has everything a calendar nut like me could want, but it's absolutely brilliant for anyone at all with its great range of features. And it's free. So check it out, if only for the alarm clock function which I find very useful (and I love the 'Reveille' wav file it uses).

The amazing thing, apart from the brilliant programming, is how so much can fit into such a small download.

And the support is excellent. I had a problem due to missing fonts on my system, and Alex Balfour kindly sent me a new set. You don't get support like that every day. Thanks, Alex.

It even has a function that shows your birthday details like Wilson's Almanac itself. It has measurement converters, global distances, reminders, sun and moon data ... you name it. Magic!

P W, Australia

Calendar Magic is the single niftiest program out there. Better than a Swiss Army knife, just useful as hell. And for free? Awesome. A ton of thought must have gone into the features and design. No reason for it not to be on every PC in the universe. If it could mow my lawn, it would be perfect!


I have been using Calendar Magic for quite some time now. Thanks for this wonderful piece of software.


It's an awesome program.

C C, South Africa

I have been involved with software for over 30 years, and I have never received such prompt and courteous service (even for products for which I have paid).

B T, Israel

Gawd I love this program! THANKS!


Calendar Magic is a jewel! Thanks for a job well done and for your generous spirit of sharing it with others.


The software is utterly brilliant.

P W, Australia

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful Calendar Magic. I really enjoy using it.

D, Croatia

I would like to join all your other satisfied users by congratulating you on a truly magnificent program.

B T, Israel

I downloaded your software Calendar Magic and found it amazing. It is simply out of this world. Absolutely brilliant work.

A J, India

Astonishing and marvellous to behold. Thank you once again for a fine piece of work.


I deeply appreciate the work and effort you have made and continue to make with this outstanding program. I wish you strength and continued satisfaction in knowing you have the gratitude of many who consider your program a good and steady friend.

S G, Netherlands Antilles

A brilliant piece of software!


I've just installed Calendar Magic V15.7 -- very, very good. Many thanks for this really great program.


Calendar Magic is an extraordinary instrument with many applications and I congratulate you for developing it. I have been using it over the past few years and I am very happy with it. Believe me, your program is really a jewel.

L R P-M, Panama

This program is great. I always had something with calendars, but this is even better then anything I've ever tried.

E M W, Netherlands

Wow! Let me also join the others in thanking you for your hard, hard work in developing this application. Just excellent!


I have been downloading this programme for years and have watched it evolve from useful to incredible. It really makes many commercial programmes look flawed.

B L A, Cayman Islands

Your program is a joy to use. It fills a real need, and fills it with good usability. When I tried it a few months ago, I went Wow. This is cool. And after the bloom has worn off, it's still cool.


You know, I've been doing software engineering for nearly 40 years and Calendar Magic is one of the most thoroughly researched and fully debugged programs I've seen in a LONG time. I'm truly impressed -- and I'm not very easily impressed!


Since I downloaded Calendar Magic, by way of Tudogs, I've not been able to keep away from it! Not only is it fascinating in itself, but the amount of work that must have gone into it is staggering. It is, without doubt, one of the finest programs on my PC.

R M, United Kingdom

I have been using Calendar Magic for a long time and have watched its progress and perfection. It is the best calendar software I have ever encountered. Thanks to the team and all the people behind it who developed this incredible piece of software.

S B, India

This remarkable free software from EuroSoft enables you to do just about anything in the way of calendar calculations.

J G, United Kingdom

Many thanks for making Calendar Magic available. I think it is a wonderful piece of software.

R H, Australia

It just keeps getting better and better!


I appreciate your great program. It is really the state-of-the art and it's very useful and practical for everyone all over the world.

S S, Iran

I think it is an amazing piece of software but it should carry a Health Warning - you can spend a lot of time exploring it.

T C, United Kingdom

You have made my life that much brighter. God bless you for your unbelievable kindness and goodwill.

B B C, Kenya

Fabulous calendar program.

P, United Kingdom

Excelente pack de calendarios con muchas utilidades extra.

Well done for such a superb program !!!


What a fantastic tool. Well done and thank you to all concerned.

N M, United Kingdom

Congratulations on your amazingly useful program.

J B, United Kingdom

You can also find moon phases for any year, religious and other observed dates in a variety of faiths and cultures, a scientific calculator, global distances and more fascinating stuff. Don't download this if you have deadlines to meet.

T N, Personal Computer World

It's the best program of it's kind, by far!


I love your program too. It is difficult not to ask for more, when it offers so much. On the other hand, since it offers so much, it is difficult to imagine what else it could offer!

B S, Norway

Your program keeps getting better and better! It's getting to be like a Swiss army knife. Thanks for all your hard work.


Your calendar program is VERY sophisticated - nice job!


Calendar Magic is an absolutely excellent calendar program.

M, India

I really love your product Calendar Magic and have been using it for over a year now.


I recently tried Calendar Magic for the first time and I am very impressed with it. The large number of different calendars that Calendar Magic can convert between is especially impressive.


I've just installed Calendar Magic V14.5 and I think it's brilliant. Loads and loads of useful stuff. Congratulations to the guy(s) who developed it.

N H S, United Kingdom

A superb application!

J R, Australia

This free calendar program aims to be as entertaining as it is useful.

I've just got on to V14.4 and it's even better! Thank you.

J H, United Kingdom

THANK YOU. I LOVE this program! Please tell me where I can send a donation.


Here's the mother of all calendars - and that's hardly an exaggeration.

This is one of the most informative calendar programs around ....... As a bonus, the author has blended one of the best available calculators into Calendar Magic as well.

W S, Bangkok Post

I, too, enjoy how you crafted the human end of your program.


I installed it yesterday and it looks great. All the features I looked at worked like a charm and I was very impressed at the amount of research that you had obviously done.

D S, Australia

Great program! Among other things I can now remove the World Time Clock I hardly ever use, as well as some of the unit conversion utilities I also hardly ever use, because your Calendar Magic offers both those features - and much more.


I love this program; you make information from a variety of other programs and URLs easily accessible. The calculator is pretty cool as well.


Thanks for your great program. It is the best on the Net and very elegant too.

M, Canada

Congratulations on an excellent piece of software.

C, South Africa

Thank you for a really excellent programme which I am finding more and more uses for as I dig deeper.

P M, United Kingdom

What an impressive program! I'll have some fun with it, thanks.

J H, United Kingdom

I could not believe that you could calculate the dates for each phase of the moon for many years in the future. This is only one of the many amazing features you packed in your unique calendar.


I have just installed Calendar Magic V13.8 on my computer. It is an excellent program! It is useful, convenient and worthy of much praise.

K A, Saudi Arabia

I really love Calendar Magic, which is the most useful calendar program I have ever used. Thanks a lot for creating such useful software and giving it away for free.


I have just found Calendar Magic on the Internet and I think it is brilliant ......... I would appreciate being able to donate a small amount as I like the program so much.

M C, United Kingdom


J McQ, Australia

Great piece of software for which I am finding unexpected new uses every time I look at it (and I've ditched a number of standalone applications). Congratulations and a sincere thank you.

R D, Canada

I will inform my subscribers (around 5000) via Flashmail of your fantastic work.

S R, Austria

I enjoy using the Calendar Magic program. It is informative and very useful. Thank you for your kind reply and for making the program available.

A R, India

Great piece of software and an outstanding job by the author.


If you missed my rave for Calendar Magic's last update, be sure and catch it this time. A must have.


Calendar Magic is indeed wonderful software.

S B, India

Having updated to V13.7 (I was still using V8.11), I was delighted with all the changes you have made. I thought it was an excellent program - now it is even better.

D G, United Kingdom

Thank you for Calendar Magic. The program is great.

P S, Poland

Many thanks for the latest version of Calendar Magic. Your program keeps getting better and better!

V F, United Kingdom

Thank you, I'm in business again with the best calendar on the Net bar none!

J McQ, Australia

The program is all that I expected and more. Thank you very much. Keep up the excellent work.


Congratulations for your Calendar Magic - I use it in class in my cross-cultural communication course at university.

Y K, France

In Test (1) the lunar phases were obtained through a computer program called Calendar Magic that listed the moon phases and dates. These dates were given to the St. Joseph Police criminal analysis department and Heartland Hospital's statistical analysis department.


Currently I have been using Calendar Magic V13.5. I wholeheartedly thank EuroSoft for this incredible piece of software.

S B, India

And thank you for such a wonderful product. I will be watching for the next version as well.


Hi thanks for such a excellent program.

G-de-J, South Africa

What a GREAT TOOL! Thanks so much for making it available.

K C, Canada

Nice to see you here. You have one of the best calendar programs available on the net! Thank you.


Thanks for your input, and thanks again for a great program!


Calendar Magic is a great program for trivia junkies like myself! And above that, it's a useful tool as well.

H C, South Africa

Thanks for your amazingly prompt reply and new version of Calendar Magic - you must have been up all night!

J N, United Kingdom

Indeed a magic and fabulous calendar. I know I will go to bed very late this night!


I am enjoying, relishing and savouring Calendar Magic 12.0, for which many congratulations, felicitations and thanks.


I am impressed by Calendar Magic and the additional features that you have added to it since version 9 when I first came across it.

P H, Australia

This is the most magnificent piece of software I've seen in a long, long time. It is perhaps the most magnificent piece of software I've ever seen. The word WOW!!! comes to mind. I guess you must call it something, but it's certainly much more than just Calendar Magic. If I can think of a way to improve on what you've already done, I will be sure to let you know, but I doubt that I will find anything to improve on what you've already done. The only program that even came close to impressing me this much is Breitling's World Time. It is a bit more eye-appealing, but does not come close to the functionality of Calendar Magic. Great Program. Great Job.


Great Work on Calendar Magic. I really like it.


Thank you for a fantastic calendar.

Prof. P S, India

Over the years I have examined many calendars and, after lengthy selection, use two of them regularly.

Today I downloaded [via TuDogs] your version 13.3. Without a doubt it is not only the most comprehensive I've ever come across but, even more importantly, it is fully configurable.

Hearty congratulations on a very fine utility.

J M, Australia

I just had to write and tell you that your Calendar Magic program is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in Computer Programming. It blows me away the way you have set it up. WELL DONE!

B D, Australia

I've spent years compiling a comparison of calendars. With Calendar Magic you pre-empted most of that. Well done!

C C, United Kingdom